Taking you to Financial Clarity and Being in Control of your Finances

The people we help normally want to solve three main problems:

  1. They want to stop feeling overwhelmed by too much information, too many options and too much complexity

  2. They want more TIME and FREEDOM to do the things that align with their life goals

  3. They want results, want to take action and are looking to clarify their goals to achieve financial success

Sound like you? Think Capital is here to help!

Think Capital provides Strategic Financial Planning Advice to Families, Business Owners, Professionals, and FIFO workers, in technology, mining, and associated industries. We help you to get CERTAINTY, CONTROL, and CONFIDENCE over your finances, giving you Ultimate Financial Independence

60-Second Financial Health Check!

Use this quick 60-second Financial Health Checklist to see if you need a more thorough examination of your Financial Planning, Superannuation, Insurance or Investment needs.

Client Testimonials

"Norma took over my Financial planning in September 2016. I was undergoing treatment for a serious life-threatening illness; the treatment was long and harsh. Norma stepped in, took over sorting out our Total Permanent Disability policies so I could access the funds. When you’re sick, fearful, and drowning under the stress, you need a Norma. Someone who you trust, is extremely kind and gets the job done.." (K-A. B)

"After my Mum passed away from Cancer late last year and receiving an inheritance that has left my husband and I debt free, we knew we had to be smart about our next steps and we knew we couldn’t go past the services that Norma provides. She immediately settles any doubt or uncertainty of what is going to happen next. Her eye for detail, care factor, compassion and empathy are beyond words. To meet her is to enrich your own soul. I am so glad that Norma is taking care of our financial future and I am confident that with her guidance, our goals of early retirement will be achieved. We can’t thank her enough. An asset that is imperative when you need it the most.." (D.T)

“Norma has given us peace of mind by helping us plan our transition to retirement. Everyone at Think Cpital is extremely supportive and accessible, and the digital process is well explained and easy to navigate. We can’t thank norma and her team of professionals enough” M.S

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"Before I met Norma, I was feeling confused and curious. I really enjoyed Norma's openness and enthusiasm. She made me feel comfortable, validated, and heard. Now I feel excited about my financial future " (E.B.)

Are you TAX ready?

Use this 60-second Financial Health Check to see if you need a more thorough examination of your financial affairs ready for tax time!

Think Capital Process

Ultimate Financial Independence Program

Schedule a 15-minute 1-on-1 Ultimate Financial Independence Strategy Call

This quick, complimentary, 15-minute phone call is designed to identify your goals (both financially and lifestyle), talk about your current financial frustrations, and pain points, and begin to design a plan with options to get you back on track

Book Ultimate Financial Independence Strategy Call

Step 1 - Establish and define the client-adviser relationship.

  • Introductory meeting

  • (Meet and Greet) free of charge, 30-minutes, online

    • initial introduction

    • discuss current situation and goals

    • determine if we can be of assistance

    • explain who Think Capital is,

    • how we operate

    • and the benefits to you

    • explain and agree on the scope of advice or service, and fees

    • you give us authority to prepare a statement of advice

Book Ultimate Financial Independence Introduction Meeting

Step 2 - Information gathering

  • Discovery session

  • (Strategy Planning) 60-90 minutes, online

  • A professional fee is charged for this appointment

    • consider priorities, goals, and objectives

    • gather detailed financial information

    • discuss your investment risk tolerance

    • identify needs and shortfalls

    • discuss and agree on potential strategy options

      Make an appointment

Book Ultimate Financial Independence Strategy Planning Session

Step 3 - Analyse and evaluate your financial status.

  • Strategy preparation

    (Written report of advice)

  • A personalized, fixed-professional-fee is charged for the advice report - rather than a per-hour billing arrangement, you know exactly what to expect - no surprise bills or hidden costs

  • We identify ways to

    • improve or streamline your current situation

    • make life easier and save you money

    • identify ‘appropriate’ wealth creation strategies

    • protect your financial risk

    • consolidate your debts [identifying good and bad debt]

    • Strategies to structure tax effectively, and maximise government entitlements

    • investigate and determine ideal investment vehicle and investment managers

    • research products which best suit your needs

    • provide written, clear, and understandable financial scenarios and educate you in detail

    • formulate a plan that will meet all of your stated financial goals and objectives

Book Ultimate Financial Independence Strategy Preparation Session

Step 4 - Present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives.

  • Strategy presentation

  • + complimentary, 30-minute, online session if required

    • reconfirm your goals, objectives, and investment risk tolerance

    • provide an overview of the advice for ease and future reference

    • explain the advice in ‘plain english’ and educate you, with a focus on how the advice will help you achieve your financial goals

    • disclose all fees as per ASIC Guidelines

Book Ultimate Financial Independence Strategy Presentation Session

Step 5 - Implement the financial planning recommendations.

  • Strategy implementation

  • A personalized, fixed-professional-fee is charged for implementation of your strategies - rather than a per-hour billing arrangement, you know exactly what to expect - no surprise bills or hidden costs

    • make any adjustments and ensure that you are happy with the advice

    • complete and sign the authority to proceed

    • complete and sign any investment or insurance paperwork

    • review and lodge all paperwork

    • act as your concierge in dealing with any product providers to implement your strategies

    • follow up any outstanding requirements to completion

Ultimate Financial Independence Strategy Implementation Session

Step 6 - Monitor the financial planning recommendations.

  • Ongoing maintenance and Review

  • Annual Review meeting (60-minutes, online)

  • A professional fee is charged for this appointment

    • provide confirmation of all implemented strategies,

    • insurance policies,

    • investments,

    • and superannuation accounts

    • Think Capital available to answer administrative and technical queries

    • update any changes to circumstances or objectives

    • review existing strategies, insurances, investments, and super accounts

    • discuss how your plan is working and uncover any additional opportunities or amendments required

  • A personalized, fixed-professional-fee is charged for ongoing maintenance and a review of your portfolio - rather than a per-hour billing arrangement, you know exactly what to expect - no surprise bills or hidden costs

Book Ultimate Financial Independence Annual Review Meeting

Think Capital clients are given exclusive access to our calendar to book a 15-minute phone call or online catch-up, as and when required, between annual review appointments

Book ongoing service call

Strategic Financial Planning Advice

At Think Capital we focus on Strategy first

Think Capital Pty Ltd ACN 636 116 295 Authorisation Representative (AR) number 001278398 is appointed to act as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number 344971.

Norma Falconer Authorisation Representative (AR) number 001243315 is appointed to act as an AR of Australian Financial Directions Pty Ltd ACN 135 004 947, Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number 344971.

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