Do you feel like your financial goals and your values are disconnected?

Hi, I'm Norma Falconer, a licenced financial planner specialising in values-based, strategic financial planning advice. Using a step-by-step ultimate financial independence framework, backed by science and practical experience, I help you identify your core values and create a customised financial plan to support your life goals.

Think Capital provides Strategic Financial Planning Advice to Families, Business Owners, Professionals, and FIFO workers, in technology, mining, and associated industries. We help you to get CERTAINTY, CONTROL, and CONFIDENCE over your finances, giving you Ultimate Financial Independence

The Intangible Benefits of Strategic Financial Planning Advice

Sometimes the value that we provide as financial planners is tangible - we can specifically point to some tax savings that have been made, some social security that has been gained or some investments that have delivered gains.

Often the value can be intangible. Our clients often tell us that the following intangible benefits are the ones they value the most from our relationship.


  • We will help bring order to your financial life by assisting you in getting your financial house in order (at both the “macro” level of investments, insurance, estate planning, taxes, etc., and the “micro” level of household cash flow).


  • We help you follow through on financial commitments, by working with you to prioritize your goals, show you the steps you need to take, and regularly review your progress towards achieving them.


  • We bring insight from the outside to help you to avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters, by being available to consult with you at key moments of decision-making, whilst doing the research necessary to ensure you have all the information. Strategically we are working in your best interests.


  • We work with you to anticipate your life transitions and to ensure you are financially prepared for them, by regularly assessing any potential life transitions that might be coming and creating the action plan necessary to address and manage them ahead of time.


  • We explore what specific knowledge will be needed to succeed in your situation, by first thoroughly understanding your situation, then providing the necessary resources to facilitate these decisions, whilst explaining the options and risks associated with each choice.


  • We attempt to help you achieve the best life possible whilst working alongside you, not just for you, to make this possible, by taking the time to clearly understand your background, philosophy, needs and objectives and offer transparency around our professional fees, costs, and compensation.


  • The goal of the financial planning process is for advisers to understand what you hope to achieve. What are your current goals/priorities in your life and how can we help achieve them?

  • With that in mind, through this process, the adviser helps bring clarity to your situation. Often, clients of financial advisers rarely talk about money outside of the confines of the relationship with their adviser. At least prior to working with the adviser.

  • Without talking openly about your finances, how can you have clarity around which actions need to be taken to make progress towards savings, debt payoff, or investment goals? Having a place to openly discuss finances without judgment provides you clarity about the path forward.

Peace of Mind

  • Another intangible benefit of working with a financial adviser is peace of mind. While the previous points all play into achieving peace of mind with personal finances, the end goal as a financial adviser is to help you achieve this peace of mind. This is developed through trust, learning, accountability, clarity, and of course, the technical aspects of financial planning and investment management that an adviser helps tie into a completed financial plan for you.

  • Over time, having peace of mind around your finances is the ultimate goal. Knowing that you’re making progress towards paying off debt, investing enough for financial independence, saving enough for your child’s education expenses, and STILL having funds available to enjoy your life today is an amazing achievement.

  • Having peace of mind enables you to enjoy life without having to stress constantly about whether you’re making progress towards your financial goals.

The Bottom Line

It’s not always easy defining the intangible benefits of working with a financial adviser, however, they certainly become clear once you’ve gone through the financial planning process. Financial planning is very much a tangible, numbers-oriented profession, and service. Yet, the greatest benefit our clients receive is, emotional, behavioural, and intangible, in the sense a rate of return can’t be applied to it.

Financial Planner vs Financial Adviser - what’s the difference?

  • A financial planner is a licensed professional who helps individuals and businesses create a strategy to meet long-term financial goals.

  • "Financial adviser" is a broader category that can also include accountants, mortgage brokers, stockbrokers, money managers, insurance agents, or bankers.

If you’re curious about how working with a financial planner could potentially help you schedule a call and let’s get started  

60-Second Financial Health Check!

Use this quick 60-second Financial Health Checklist to see if you need a more thorough examination of your Financial Planning, Superannuation, Insurance or Investment needs.

Client Testimonials

Financial Planning Advice

  • Strategic Financial Planning advice

  • Personal Financial Product advice

  • General Financial Product advice

Estate Planning

How we help

We begin with the end in mind by reviewing your Estate Plan. Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever draft, because it is the only place where you speak when you are no longer physically here. It is important that your Will speaks to your overall Financial Plan to ensure that your bequests are executable

We review and help you implement all the supporting structures and documents to support your Estate Plan and Will

What we do

  • Wills

  • Testamentary Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Loans to children

  • Beneficiary nominations

Wealth Protection

How we help

  • Review your debt position to ensure that you are using debt smartly to support your Wealth Management and Financial Independence Strategy

  • Ensure that your Personal Insurance strategies meet the needs of your family so that you can rest assured knowing that they are provided for. Review your options to be Tax Smart and ensure that you are provided for in case of an unfortunate event

  • Take away the stress of claims management by supporting you to follow up with the insurance company to get your claim paid

  • Partner with vetted professionals to review your General and Private Health Insurance benefits as part of the advice process

What we do

  • Personal Debt Management

    • Mortgage

    • Credit Cards

    • Personal Loans

    • Car Loans

    • etc.

  • Review lending rates [refer to vetted alliance partners]

  • Personal Insurance

    • Life Cover

    • Lump Sum Disability [TPD]

    • Critical illness [Trauma] benefits

    • Income Protection

  • General insurance [refer to vetted alliance partners]

  • Private Health insurance [refer to vetted alliance partners]

  • Personal insurance claims

Tax effective strategies and cashflow optimisation

How we help

Parkinson’s Law is one of the best-known laws of money and wealth accumulation. English writer C. Northcote Parkinson developed it and, explains why most people retire below their retirement income objective.

This law says that no matter how much money people earn, they tend to spend the entire amount, and a little bit more. Their expenses rise in lockstep with their earnings. Today many people are earning several times what they were earning at their first jobs. But somehow, they need every single penny to maintain their current lifestyles. No matter how much they make, there never seems to be enough. We help you unlock opportunities to increase your wealth creation strategies, by reviewing your cash-flow management

What we do

  • Budget and cash-flow planning

    • Develop a plan so that you can provide for your children’s education or other medium-term goals such as a deposit on a house

  • Tax (Financial) Advice

    • Tax Effective Strategies

Are you TAX ready?

Use this 60-second Financial Health Check to see if you need a more thorough examination of your financial affairs ready for tax time!

Wealth Management

How we help

Add value where you need it most. Are you looking to delegate your Wealth Management? We can help.

Want support on how to grow wealth, retain wealth and bequeath wealth? We have a team of investment specialists, portfolio managers and stockbrokers to add value every step of the way.

Paying too much tax? We can help you, using effective tax strategies to reduce your tax burden, and increase your wealth creation.

Have an ESS, ESOP or RSU vest and have a potential tax liability? We help you structure the payout to be tax-smart

What we do

  • Wealth Ownership and Structures

    • Discretionary and Family Trusts

    • Business Entities

  • Investment Strategies

    • Investment Risk Tolerance Assessment

    • Shares

    • Properties

    • Employee Share Schemes

    • etc.

  • Portfolio Administration Services

  • Tax Financial Advice

    • Tax effective strategies

How we help

  • No matter what your super structure is, we can help you maximise your growth to support your future income needs. We understand the complexities of Self-Managed Superfunds and are across the intricacies of most Industry Funds, including GESB Super

  • Get retirement ready. We prefer that you consult with us at least 10 years before retirement so that we can have a plan in place to support your income needs at retirement.

  • We help you switch from accumulation to pension phase with ease, and optimise all the options to maximise super, including downsizer contributions, for example

What we do

  • Superannuation

    • Investment risk tolerance assessment

    • Review investments

    • Rebalance investments

  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

    • Review Trust Deed

    • Review Investment Strategy Document

  • Transition to Retirement Strategies

  • Retirement Income Planning

    • Assess how much income will be available at retirement

    • Pension strategies

    • Annuity Strategies

  • Social Security Advice

    • Centrelink

    • Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)

Business Insurance

How we help

  • 70% of businesses in Australia are family owned. We support business owners by mitigating their risk using Business Insurance solutions ensuring that the hard work of the family continues for generations to come

What we do

  • Key Person Insurance

  • Buy-Sell Agreements and Insurance

  • Shareholder Protection Policies

  • Business Expenses (overheads) Protection Insurance

  • Loan Protection Insurance

Strategic Financial Planning Advice

At Think Capital we focus on Strategy first

- Financial Services Guide

- Adviser Profile

- Privacy Statement

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