…very professional…

Norma's financial service is absolutely outstanding and very professional. She guides you through the whole process with so much patience. She puts so much time and effort in and truly makes you feel that no matter how big your portfolio is that she has your best interest at heart. She is definitely the best financial planner we've had and will stay with her. You will not regret having Norma as your financial planner. [P.B]

..honesty and technical knowledge have helped us make informed decisions…

“Prior to our discussions with Norma, we had little awareness about our real financial position, what was achievable and what was holding us back. Norma’s honesty and technical knowledge have helped us make informed decisions about our immediate future. With greater knowledge and understanding, we also feel more empowered and are very comfortable with our goals and long-term plan. Without Norma’s advice and honesty, we would not have completed our wills. This is something we had thought about for a long time, but really lacked the impetus or direction to do anything about it. However, she gave us the gentle shove we needed to set things in motion. Having young kids, we sleep better at night knowing we have finished this important set of documents. We have implemented short-, medium-, and longer-term strategies for a more secure financial future, not only for ourselves, but for our kids too. We have recommended Norma to friends and associates with the knowledge that they will receive excellent advice and a considerate empathetic approach.” (N.&T.B)

…handle each question with patience…

"I have found Norma to be one of the most professional financial advisors. What I appreciate most about her is that she actually does care about her clients and what is best for them and goes out of her way to guide and help you to make the best financial decisions that suits your situation. She doesn't care about how big your portfolio is, she cares about helping to make the best of what you have got. I love her sense of humor and how she manages to accommodate different personalities and even if you are difficult and asking a lot of questions, she would handle each question with patience and make sure that you have complete understanding. She shows you the pros and cons of the different choices that you have. Right from the first meeting she has saved us money and picked up crucial things that could have ruined us down the line. I have so much appreciation for the fact that Norma is looking out for me as a woman to make sure that I will be taken care of if something should happen to my husband. She has a phenominal way of dealing with people and I find her to be an extraodinary and dynamic woman and I am so grateful to have her as our financial advisor. " (A.M.)

…given us peace of mind…

Norma has given us peace of mind by helping us plan our transition to retirement. Everyone at Think Capital is extremely supportive and accessible, and the digital process is well explained and easy to navigate. We can't thank Norma and her team of professionals enough.

..Someone who you trust..

"Norma took over my Financial planning in September 2016. I was undergoing treatment for a serious life-threatening illness; the treatment was long and harsh. Norma stepped in, took over sorting out our Total Permanent Disability policies so I could access the funds. When you’re sick, fearful, and drowning under the stress, you need a Norma. Someone who you trust, is extremely kind and gets the job done.." (K-A. B)

…eye for detail, care factor, compassion and empathy…

"After my Mum passed away from Cancer late last year and receiving an inheritance that has left my husband and I debt free, we knew we had to be smart about our next steps and we knew we couldn’t go past the services that Norma provides. She immediately settles any doubt or uncertainty of what is going to happen next. Her eye for detail, care factor, compassion and empathy are beyond words. To meet her is to enrich your own soul. I am so glad that Norma is taking care of our financial future and I am confident that with her guidance, our goals of early retirement will be achieved. We can’t thank her enough. An asset that is imperative when you need it the most.." (D.T)

…systematic and well thought out process and being there with us every step of the way for guidance…

Highly recommend the professional service Norma provides. She helped us get our financial planning back on track through a systematic and well thought out process and being there with us every step of the way for guidance. We even got our estate planning sorted at the same time :)

..I know my family will be in good hands….

"I have been with Norma for few years now, I’m happy and satisfied with the financial planning services that I receive from her, we have an excellent professional relationship that I’m quite lucky to get. Having tried other services before, Norma does an exceptional job to deliver the best advice and services. She takes care of all my insurance services, income protection and most importantly my superannuation and life insurance. I know my family will be in good hands if something happens to me in the future. I will continue to seek help and advice from Norma and I wish her all the best in the coming years.." (H.K.)

…immense patience…

…explaining it all in layman’s terms…

"Since Norma has become part of our financial life my wife and I have been able to really come to terms with our finances. Norma has made it really easy for us to understand the nitty gritty of it all with her immense patience and no-nonsense style and way of explaining it all in layman's terms. Since we have had Norma looking after our affairs, we have both sorted our wills out, got our insurance sorted and received our biggest tax return to date!! Absolutely without a doubt recommend this fine lady's services.."(R.M)

…personal engagement combined with professionalism…..

The personal engagement we have received from Norma combined with her absolute professionalism is matchless. Her direction and advice has helped us plan and achieve what we previously thought was unobtainable.

…honest, clear, punctual, concise…

“My wife and I have worked with Norma for the past few months with regards to our personal financial health and position. I have found her to be honest, clear, punctual, concise. She has given us clear direction to where we could be bettering our financial position in the short and long term. I have found the process fairly easy with her guidance along each step of the way and found her to be always professional. I would recommend her wholeheartedly as I have already” (A.L.)

…knowledge and professionalism…

"Norma, I am delighted by your level of knowledge and professionalism in Financial Planning. You have given me ideas to plan for my future in a new and positive way and I look forward to a long and educational road on this with you." (A.K)

…made me feel comfortable, validated, and heard…

"Before I met Norma, I was feeling confused and curious. I really enjoyed Norma's openness and enthusiasm. She made me feel comfortable, validated, and heard. Now I feel excited about my financial future " (E.B.)

…made me feel empowered ...

Norma has been amazing with helping me implement and understand many financial decisions. Providing the facts of the best choices to make really has made me feel empowered moving forward financially. Like having an aunt that has your best interest at heart! Would highly recommend Norma and her team. Thanks a million guys

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